North Texas Cake Show 2015


Please enter as many categories as you like – have fun, use your imagination and your decorating skills!

A. Sugar and Spice…Cake Tattoos Are Nice….take our theme and turn it into cake/sugar art. Let yourimagination flow. Utilize tattoos somehow in your piece. Have fun and just express the theme best way yousee fit.

B. Six Day Challenge: Interested in giving yourself a challenge….then enter this fun and surprising category. We will email all participants Sunday April 19 with specifics. You will then have six days to complete your decorating masterpiece. We will give you a few clues now…the cake cannot be larger than a 14” board, it should be two tiered (any shape) and does not have to be real – you can use Styrofoam. Are you up for the challenge….the prize will be worth it – $250 cash!

C. Buttercream Dream: Using only buttercream, decorate a single tiered cake. This includes all icing and decorations. Buttercream can be commercial or homemade and does not necessarily have to contain butter. Buttercream transfers are permitted. If you carve or sculpt your entry it must be real cake and have three in-process photos. Character pans are not permitted. No fondant, gumpaste, other sugar mediums, or non-edible decorations including ribbon (except to decorate the board edge) will be allowed.

D. Celebration Cake Non-Tiered: Any single tiered cake with a celebration theme, such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, etc. This should not include wedding. The entry may be trimmed to a shape but should not contain any extensive carving such as topsy-turvy, pillow or luggage.

E. Celebration Cake Tiered: The cakes in this division include two or more tiers and would not be categorized as a wedding cake. Think celebrations such as birthday, graduation, family occasion, etc. The entry may be trimmed to a shape but should not contain any extensive carving such as topsy-turvy, pillow.

F. Wedding Cake Tiered: Here comes the cake….Isn’t this the most important part of a Wedding Day. This category is for cakes with two or more tiers decorated specifically for weddings or anniversaries. The cake can be stacked or separated.

G. Sculpted Cakes: This is a non-tiered cake that has been shaped or carved in any way. Real cake layers must be used – Styrofoam is not allowed. No pre-shaped or specialty pans are allowed. You must have three in process photographs presented with your competition piece to confirm that the cake is real.

H. Special Techniques Not On A Cake: This category covers any and all sugar pieces that are not placed on cake. Examples include floral display, blown and pulled sugar, painting on a plaque, figurine work. Any sugar-based medium, ranging from fondant, chocolate, marzipan, royal icing, buttercream, piping gel, and pastillage and using any technique, including, but not limited to, color flow, modeling, piping, sugar molding, blown sugar, cocoa painting, and quilling. A combination of techniques and mediums may be used and should be presented on a suitable base but not on or part of a cake display.

I. Cupcakes, Cookies, Cakepops: Do you like to make little bites….this is your category. All decorating techniques are permitted….the only rule is that the presentation of the pieces cannot be on a cake.

J. Baker’s Bites…YUM! Our tasting category. There will be two divisions – one division for all Children, Juniors, and Teens and one division for all Adults. You will be judged on taste (components, flavor blend, texture) and appearance (general platter presentation, shape, size). You will not be judged on decoration. Our theme for 2015 is Sugar and Spice Treats (Cookies / Bar Treats). Recipes must have both a sweet and spicy side…this can be hot spicy or it may highlight a specific spice such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, etc. Other flavorings and ingredients, including nuts, may be used. The treats must be made from scratch, NO boxed mixes will be allowed. Each entry should contain 12 treats and be displayed on a board or platter (we encourage disposable platters so you don’t lose one you love). Each entry must be accompanied by two copies of the recipe. The recipe should be written or typed on a card placed beside the entry. Please do not place your name on the product or the recipe card. One copy of the recipe will become the property of North Texas Cake Show. The contestant’s name will be posted on the North Texas Cake Show website.